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Maid Service

Of course we are selective in hiring, but even so, employees must be vetted and trained.  Our investment in this regard distinguishes us from our competitors. Really, you wouldn’t believe our training systems.

We have developed over 200 hours of training videos.  During the first two weeks of employment every single maid undertakes nothing but training, including 3+ days of classroom training, and the remaining 7 days of hands-on training by our own star Training Managers.

Before graduating from the training course, our maids must pass 8 written exams, prove they can smile when sent back to re-clean a bathroom, demonstrate the ability to follow instructions, know and follow company policies, be dependable in attendance, and work efficiently and effectively.  About one in four of our maids don’t manage to make it past the beachhead, but those who do have been carefully vetted and are prepared for the challenges and rewards of cleaning Denver’s finest homes.

Also, we have continuing education which includes custom training videos, and five-minute presentations by Training Managers and Team Leaders, during dispatch every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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