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Denver Metro Maids supports Breast Cancer Research. It is a cause very near to all of our hearts.

Our maid service industry experience is significant at every level of our company, from the owner (since 1999), the office personnel (Maria 2000, Ivonne 2013), the Team Leaders (some since as early as 2001-2007).

We guarantee that our experience, combined with our commitment to excellence, will result in the most pleasing maid service relationship you have ever experienced.

Please try us once, choose us as yours, then recommend us to all your family and friends located throughout the greater Denver Metro Area.

My name is Hanna–I am the owner of the business.  I am trained in finance at the Stockholm School of Finance, and Tuck Business School.  I used to work for investment banks in London and other places.  I moved to Denver in 1999.  I live in Capitol Hill, where we have three growing children.  Like you, I am an expert consumer of maid services.  This is my third residential maid service company, but the first one where I have been the sole owner.  I am pleased to say that the first company (DC) we started in 1999 remains one of the leading maid service companies in Denver; the second maid service we started (5280HC–likely Denver’s largest?) remains a local market leader, and is still near and dear to my heart, even though I am not actually an owner of it. Of course, the third time is charm, and it is my personal promise to you that I shall take every necessary step to ensure that in choosing Denver Metro Maids, you will enjoy an upgrade in quality, thoroughness, and consistency of cleaning, quality and friendliness of service, and overall dependability.  It’s not so difficult for us to deliver on such a promise, because many of the wonderful Team Leaders we’ve employed over the course of the past 15+ years still choose to stay working with me, and of course, Maria and Ivonne know how to operate a maid service business effectively, and manage client satisfaction superbly. I must brag about a couple of significant initiatives.  During the first half of 2018, we have significantly improved and updated our training systems.  No new employee passes through the first week with the company without successfully passing 8 written exams, watching over 20 videos describing cleaning policies and other important cleaning related topics.  Each spends their first two weeks of cleaning under the careful supervision of designated training managers, in designated training houses.  If they don’t make the grade, they don’t get past the training gate.  So rest assured, when you meet any new employee, he or she arrives trained and prepared to work.  Oh, and we now have an entire training module dedicated to GREEN Cleaning!  We shall continue to improve our hands on, and exam-based training systems which we have developed over 15+ years. Speaking of GREEN:  have you noticed our newly designed Pink Prius cars?  The cars and uniforms are PINK on the outside, but our maid service company is GREEN to the core.

More of the Better, Less of the Rest

What is it that you would like done?  You set the cleaning scope.  We set the cleaning standards.  We are committed to providing pain-free service.  You’re going to love Denver Metro Maids. Over fifteen years we have learned that better systems, better compliance, and better training result in consistency and quality of service, which result in lower client turnover, which is the critical ingredient for high growth rates. Thank you for your interest in our cleaning service company.  We look forward to perpetually providing you exceptional maid service.

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