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Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning Assignments
What’s Included?

If your place is empty, then a move-in or move-out clean will include the list of tasks for Initial Cleans, plus inside cabinets and closets.

All move-out and move-in cleaning assignments are charged on an hourly basis at $62 per person, per hour.  How long will it take? That depends on the condition. So, look around and assess the condition yourself once all the furniture is gone (shower corners, baseboards, carpet edges, blinds).  Then, if you have any apprehension about this, be sure to be physically present on-site throughout the duration of the assignment.  You remember the condition upon move-in, so maybe you wish to decide how clean the place should be left.  If you are present, then you can abbreviate any aspects of the scope at your own discretion, as your best means of mitigating the fee.  Otherwise, we’re going to clean it until it is clean, and that sometimes takes longer than one you would ever anticipate.

If you are moving in, get us to clean for you while the place is still empty to ensure that the place is truly clean and move-in ready.  Although not required, we hope you will be there during our first cleaning, to observe, appreciate, and broadly direct the assignment.  Bring some microwave popcorn and enjoy the show.  You’ll pay by the hour for this first assignment, but when we’re done ask us how much we would charge (fixed price) for regular recurring cleaning.

If you’re choosing us for a move-out cleaning, and cannot be there to direct the assignment, then you should first ask yourself, “Can I really afford to have Denver’s Best Maid Service scrubbing the place spotless for the benefit of the next lucky tenant?”  If the answer is yes, then give us a call at 303 935 9300.

Our first-time clean minimum fee applies to all move-in and move-out cleaning assignments.

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Here are a few matters of special interest in a move-out cleaning assignment:

Refrigerator:  Please empty it, and we will clean it.

Oven:  Please discuss with us in advance.  We are a green cleaning company, and any use of oven cleaner must be requested and agreed upon in advance.

Bathroom:  A move-out cleaning of an empty bathroom can take nearly twice as long, because we must clean inside drawers, cabinets, and previously filled spaces.

Kitchen:  A move-out cleaning of an empty kitchen may take longer, since we clean inside cabinets and drawers.

As a final consideration, is the place really empty?  If not, please provide explicit instructions about what should be done with any remaining items.  Failure to discuss any such items can result in confusion and misunderstandings, about what is mistakenly tossed in a dumpster and what is inadvertently left in a closet, for example.

For a list of items typically performed during an Initial Cleaning assignment, please see our Initial Cleaning Services page.

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