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DMM Supports Breast Cancer Research

Stacey Walker had a smile which could light the night sky, like the North star.  This page is for those we miss . . . mothers, daughters, sisters, friends.  This page is for Stacey.

Contribution Pledge

For every first-time regular clean, Denver Metro Maids makes a $10 contribution to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).

Fundraising Offer

For each Regular Customer who volunteers to pay $2 extra per clean, we pay a match of an additional $3, each time we clean for you, resulting in $2 + $3 = $5 total per regular clean.

If you wish to participate in this matching fund-raiser, please explicitly volunteer.  You can do so by dropping us a line at

Breast Cancer Research Foundation

We chose BCRF because they: a) fund basic research to cure and prevent breast cancer; b) have an A+ rating for accountability; and c) have low expense ratios.

Customers who participate in the fundraising offer will receive a letter each January summarizing their own contributions and associated DMM match, for the preceding year.  For questions or more information about this pledge and fund-raising offer, please drop me a line at

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