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Regular Clean
What’s Included?

Price depends somewhat on scope (also frequency and condition).  So tailor this list, if you please:

  • Vacuum with upright vacuum cleaner
  • Backpack vacuum carpeted edges, hardwood floors (as needed before washing them), oriental rugs, sofas and upholstered chairs
  • Hand wash kitchen and bathroom floors
  • Wash uncarpeted floors
  • Hand wash baseboards
  • Dust furniture, accessible sills, ledges, woodwork, ceiling fans and most wall hangings
  • Clean window blinds, doorknobs and light switches
  • Clean entryway windows and doors
  • Make beds (add any special instructions)
  • Clean, shine, and disinfect bathrooms, including fixtures, counters and floors
  • Clean kitchen, including sinks, appliance exteriors, countertops, cabinet fronts, and table and chair legs
  • Clean inside refrigerator (initial clean and every visit, if you please)
  • Empty / load dishwasher (add any instructions)
  • Clean inside microwave
  • Empty and clean trash containers
  • Sweep front and rear porch / patio (weather permitting)

Regular Maid Service customers typically pay fixed prices per visit.

Regular Cleaning

Our Regular Cleaning scope is similar to the Initial Cleaning scope, but typically takes less time, because it’s done regularly.  Most Regular Cleaning is based on a fixed price, whereas Initial Cleaning assignments are billed according to time.

Other tasks such as sweeping garages can be incorporated into your regular assignment and considered in your price quote, or added upon request for an extra fee.  Other occasional tasks might also include cleaning BBQ grills, under heavy furniture and appliances, washing some easy to reach windows, and walls.  Please discuss these in advance of any assignment.

Basements can be included and priced into your regular cleaning assignment, excluded altogether, or added from time to time upon request, for a separate fee.

We find potential house cleaning customers, make them some promises, then exceed expectations.  Choose us to clean your home; admire our performance; choose us to clean your home again; repeat.  That’s pretty much our system for winning and retaining customers.  We want to become your regular maid service.  Please phone us at 303 935 9300.

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