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Green Cleaning

Denver Metro Maids has earned the qualification of green house cleaning company by the Green Clean Institute.

You can verify our membership by visiting: the Green Clean Institute website (see their list of qualified green residential house cleaning companies in Colorado).

In terms of Denver Green Cleaning Companies, you can learn more about guidelines for cleaning products at the City of Denver Green Initiatives website.

We’re Greener:  Another factor which makes us Denver’s Best House Cleaning Company.

More About
Green Cleaning

Green is a complex issue. As a house cleaning company, we’re primarily concerned about 2 elements of the topic: the health impact of our services; and our impact on the environment.

Health Impact of Our Services

We are committed to using the most appropriate green home cleaning products and green home cleaning methods to: a) promote healthy and clean family homes; and b) safeguard the health of our professional house cleaners.

  • House Cleaning & The Environment

    Denver Metro Maids' Impact on the Environment

    We are committed to using products which have the lowest impact on water quality, and vacuums and dusting cloths which leave the air in your home cleaner than we found it. Our Green IQ is relatively high today as compared to the competition, but we’re not done. There is so much room for improvement in this area. We’ll get bigger, we’ll get better, and we will make a difference, we promise. As for our vans, we wish they were more efficient than they are at present. We think we may be able to make them greener by refitting them to use CNG Compressed Natural Gas as an alternative fuel, or maybe we’ll have to replace them in the next few years. Of course, the cost of fuel is also driving us towards finding a better solution for this. We are also studying the possibility of placing solar cells on the roof of our new office to power the washers and dryers used for cleaning the mountains of microfiber cleaning cloths which we wash everyday. We use separate cloths for each home and each room in your home, so we go through a lot of these each day. We’ll keep you posted about these possibilities in the coming months. Health Impact of Our Services Our Impact on the environment Decisions we make about purchasing and operations can make a significant difference on Planet Earth:

    • Water Quality
    • Air Quality
  • Hepa Vacuums & Filters

    You’ll Love our Riccar Vacuums!

    Part of the solution for maintaining healthy air in your home relates to cleaning. Vacuuming can be the number one cause of indoor air pollution. In the past, traditional vacuums used cloth bags to filter the air as it ran through the machine. Obviously, the smaller dust particles were sent flying through the air, since they were smaller than the dirt caught in the bag. And since they were smaller, they were more easily suspended in the air.

    Asthma or Allergies

    If anyone in your family suffers from asthma or allergies, the pollen and other irritants that can be founding resting under beds, in corners and crevices are sucked up, pass through the vacuum filtration system and recycled back into your home’s atmosphere and higher traffic areas. This can have an immediate impact which can be felt for days.

    Hepa Vacuuming Makes All the Difference!

    Hepa stands for:  high efficiency particulate air, and most often refers to a type of high-efficiency air filter designed to remove 99.97% of airborne particles measuring 0.3 micrometers or greater in diameter from the air as it passes through. Hepa filter systems provide a secondary trap for smaller particles, and can leave the air in your home cleaner than it was found. Of course, any vacuum is only as good as its maintenance. Our vacuums are exceptionally well-designed, exceptionally well-maintained, and do an exceptional job of filtering particles from the air in your home.

  • Microfiber Cloths

    Cleans More Effectively

    We use microfiber cleaning cloths and floor washing pads because they allow us to clean your floors more effectively with less cleaning solution, and that results in a cleaner healthier home for you and your family.

    Microfiber Adsorbs versus Terry Cloth Absorbs

    Adsorb means to attract and hold to the surface substances, liquids, or gasses. Absorb means to take-up or draw something into itself through pores or interstices. Microfibers adsorb liquids, semi-liquids, and dried product incredibly well. This includes both water and oil based products, which makes them ideally suited for removing particles from your floors. Another unique characteristic attributed to the microscopic size of the fibers in a microfiber cleaning cloth is the ability for these miniature fibers to get into small microscopic surface imperfections and remove dust and particles from microscopic crevices and grout lines in your floor. At the microscopic level, your floors are not completely smooth and flat, but actually resembles a surface made up of miniature hills and valleys, with holes (pores), and interstices (microscopic fissures and scratches). Microfiber cleaning cloths are better at removing particles imbedded into these surface imperfections, dramatically better than the larger fibers found in terry cloth towels. Another unique feature of premium quality microfiber polishing cloths is the unique triangular shape of the cross-section of each of the fibers. This triangular shaped cross-section enables these fibers to slice into grime and spills, lifting and removing them from the surface (much like a miniature squeegee) as they are wiped across the surface. The following three characteristics,

    • Miniature size
    • Ability to adsorb
    • Triangular shaped cross-section

    enables microfiber cleaning cloths to lift and remove particles and grime better than traditional towels and with dramatically much less pressure and chemicals. So, that’s what why microfibers are essential to green cleaning.

    Why Microfiber?

    • Traps Dirt Easier
    • Cleans floors better
    • Attracts 6 times its weight in liquid
    • Hypo-Allergenic
    • Lint Free
    • Can Color Code to avoid cross Contamination in different departments
    • Can be washed hundreds of times
    • Uses Less Chemicals
    • Environmentally Friendly

    Terry Cloths for some initial cleanings

    Terry cloth cleaning cloths can still be useful for very dirty surfaces, because they rinse and wash, rinse and wash, rinse and wash more easily than microfiber cleaning cloths (which by holding particles more effectively release particles best by washing them in a washing machine between each use). So, depending on the initial condition of a house, we sometimes still use terry cloth cleaning cloths for some initial cleaning applications. This is an exception that only applies to some initial cleaning assignments.

  • Automatic Mixing Station

    Why pay to ship water?

    When you buy cleaning solvents at the store, you’re buying a lot of water.  We use the latest Chemical Distribution Center for mixing home-safe cleaning concentrates.  This cuts down on energy and cost of shipping them.

    Cut plastic waste!

    We fill reusable spray bottles, so we don’t generate a bunch of plastic waste.  This is important for the environment, because we go through gallons of cleaning agents per day.

    Green Cleaning Concentrates for Home Use

    The concentrates we use are certified green by independent third party certifiers. These products meet Green Seals’ environmental standard for cleaners based on its reduced quatic and human toxicity and reduced smog production potential. The products have been recognized for Safer Chemistry at Products have been formulated in partnership with the EPA’s Design for the Environment Program.

  • Vacuums vs Brooms

    No Mops!

    If a floor is particularly dusty or dirty, then sweeping is required before washing, to avoid making mud pies. When we find such conditions, we generally use our vacuums to collect the dust and dirt, rather than a broom. This serves to reduce the amount of particles which become airborn in the process of sweeping your hard floors.

    No Mops!

    Mops spread dirt and germs. Spreading dirt and and germs around from room to room is not a good idea. So, we don’t use mops. We use microfiber floor washing pads. Microfiber collect particles up to 10x more effectively than terry cloth These allow us to use less chemicals (vinegar or all purpose cleaner, depending on the surface) than would otherwise be required. we avoid spreading dirt and germs from room to room by changing the pads and water for each room. This is in stark contrast to other services which carry a mop from house to house (if your service does so, fire them immediately–it’s unsafe!).

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