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Initial Clean
What’s Included?

You determine your cleaning scope.  Absent additional instructions, here is a standard list.  Ask us to update your work order at any time.
Tailor this list in any way you please.

  • Vacuum with upright vacuum cleaner
  • Backpack vacuum carpeted edges, hardwood floors (as needed before washing them), oriental rugs, sofas and upholstered chairs
  • Hand wash kitchen and bathroom floors
  • Wash uncarpeted floors
  • Hand wash baseboards
  • Dust furniture, accessible sills, ledges, woodwork, ceiling fans and most wall hangings
  • Clean window blinds, doorknobs and light switches
  • Clean entryway windows and doors
  • Make beds (add any special instructions)
  • Clean, shine, and disinfect bathrooms, including fixtures, counters and floors
  • Clean kitchen, including sinks, appliance exteriors, countertops, cabinet fronts, and table and chair legs
  • Clean inside refrigerator (initial clean and every visit, if you like)
  • Empty / load dishwasher (add any instructions)
  • Clean inside microwave
  • Empty and clean trash containers
  • Sweep front and rear porch / patio

A common question for First Time Customers is “How does the Initial Clean differ from Regular Cleaning?”  In fact, the scope is not remarkably different, it’s just that it commonly takes us significantly longer to complete.  While this doesn’t have to be the case, it usually is, and that of course depends on condition.  If we take on your assignment, we want to leave your home totally clean.  If we were just there last week, then that’s probably much easier than if nobody has cleaned it for months.  Since Initial Cleans are priced by the hour, you may ask, “Is the cost of our cleaning going to break the bank?”  We don’t know, but you can determine that yourself by honestly assessing the condition of your home.  Start by taking a critical look at the condition of your shower corners, your blinds, and your baseboards.  If these look like they were just cleaned yesterday, then your Initial Clean may not cost remarkably more than a Regular Clean, and this sometimes is the case for customers who have employed a exceptional house cleaner up until last week, and is now looking to replace her.

As an aside, if cleaning such details is not so important to you, then it’s time to look for someone else to clean for you (not us), because we will not skip such details, just to finish sooner.  Don’t bring us to your home to clean it, then try to limit the time we clean by skipping details or areas of your home.  If you do not feel our Initial Clean is worth the money, then please just choose another company to clean for you.  Initial Cleans are  billed by the man hour, and Minimum Fees apply.

You can facilitate cleaning by decluttering your home prior to our arrival.  Concentrate on organizing toys, clothing, papers, so these are not in the way of our cleaners.  This results in mitigating the cost of cleaning, and also avoids your future frustration, because depending on our cleaners to put such things in their proper places is sure to result in them being put in unpredictable places.

Initial Cleaning

Other cleaning tasks such as garages, ovens, grills, under heavy furniture and appliances (with your guidance and assistance), windows and walls, inside refrigerators and ovens can be incorporated into your initial clean upon request.

Most Initial Cleaning assignments are billed on a per man-hour basis.  The price depends on a number of factors, the most important of which is condition.  The price quotes represent approximate ranges. Upon arrival, we typically communicate with the Team Leader and provide you with a more precise quote, once we have assessed the condition and agreed to the scope (basement included, and so on).  If you are not in agreement with our “Upon Arrival Quote” then you can turn our cleaners away without further ado.

Upon completion of your Initial Cleaning assignment, we offer fixed priced quotes for weekly or every two-week Regular Cleaning assignments.  It’s only the Initial Cleaning assignment or any more infrequent regular cleans which is priced on a per hour basis.

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