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Maid Service

We are not the most affordable maid service in Denver.  If price is your primary concern, then obviously you have not yet had the opportunity to try enough affordable maid service companies, or individuals.  Once you’ve tried cheaper alternatives and found them unsatisfactory, then please consider trying us.

Which Maid Service Company?  [Apples to Apples, Oranges to Oranges]

We pay employment taxes, worker’s compensation insurance, liability insurance, car insurance, bonding insurance.  We buy uniforms, cars, cleaning equipment, cleaning supplies. We are highly involved in training, evaluations, sorting of employees.  We pay better than every other company in Denver. We pay hourly for drive time and also cleaning time, so our margins are quite TIGHT–we guarantee that over 70 cents of every dollar we collect from clients is paid to employees.  This is significantly lower than the margins earned by the franchise maid service companies, and for that reason our services offer you great value.  That means you can rest assured that for each $100 you pay us, at least $70 of it goes into the home cleaners’ pockets.  WOW–compare this to paying one of the franchise companies to clean for you:  they generally pay no more than $40 of each $100.  And it’s not just that they are paying less, it’s also a matter of HOW WE PAY.  We pay hourly, while they pay a percentage basis.  As a result, their cleaners have every incentive to run through your home as fast as possible, cutting every corner possible to finish sooner, so as to optimize their total pay per week.  That’s why we pay hourly, not on a percentage basis.

These are a few of the things that distinguish us from our competitors.  We cut no corners, and our prices reflect that. If any company significantly beats our prices, then they are either on track for liquidation (fully ⅓ of all maid services fail EACH YEAR), or they are cutting some corner (which one??!!).

We have been in the industry, cleaning homes in Denver since 1999.  We are in it for the long-haul. We are committed to providing the best level of maid service possible at prices which reflect today’s labor market.  If this is what you are looking for, then please call us. If you want a quickie, cheap, particularly one-off cleaning job, then we are definitely not the company for you.

Our Regular Maid Service customers pay fixed prices for recurring services, so once you become a regular customer, your price will be predictable and fixed from clean to clean.  However, all first time and one-off customers pay a variable price based on the actual time of cleaning, at the rate of $56 or $62 per man-hour depending on location.  Of course our cleaners are paid for drive time, dispatch time, and team return time, while our customers pay only for actual cleaning time, so minimums must apply.  For first time cleans, our minimum is 6 man hours.

If you are a discerning and experienced consumer of maid services then you will appreciate our exceptional service and find that it represents GREAT VALUE.  Our service is tailored for you.  We look forward to making you promises, and exceeding your expectations.  Please phone us at 303 935 9300.

Something More Specific About Prices

Of course, every customer wants to know how long it will take to clean her home.  Once we’ve completed the initial cleaning, we’ll provide you with fixed price quotes for weekly and every two-week “Regular Cleaning” assignments. We can estimate what condition your home may be in, on average, if we have thoroughly cleaned it and have a good starting point. Such regular cleaning price quotes will remain fixed until such time as we may determine that the quotes are not remotely reflecting the average times we require to clean your home, whereupon we will phone you and discuss the matter again (happens from time to time, for just a handful of clients – boisterous dogs or children were added to the household, someone else moved in or out…).

  • Initial Cleaning Prices

    A potentially thorny aspect of the pricing question . . .

    I really do need to know, how long is a piece of string?  Sometimes a simple question deserves a simple answer: “A piece of string is twice as long as half its length”. This is a brilliant answer… if you have its length. Similarly, one can provide a brilliant answer about Maid Service Prices if one knows, among other details, the condition. The initial cleaning price doesn’t have to be higher than the regular cleaning price, if your home’s condition is in a steady state.  However, typically we find that many of the details like shower corners, baseboards, blinds, ledges, carpet edges require special attention during our initial cleaning assignment, and remedying such conditions can require a deep cleaning which can take two to three times longer than a regular cleaning assignment.  So this matter of condition is central to pricing for initial cleaning assignments.

  • Getting a Ballpark

    Over the Phone Quote

    Please provide some standard information when inquiring about initial cleaning prices, including number of persons in the home, a description of pets, number of toilets, number of showers in regular use, square footage without basement, information about basement (finished, included in assignment?).  Other information such as number of bedrooms isn’t always useful, because a guest bedroom or shower which has not been used doesn’t take much time to clean. Finally, be prepared to discuss condition. To present a realistic picture about condition, look at your shower corners, carpet edges, blinds, baseboards, kitchen, bathroom, floors, and degree of clutter about your home (toys, clothes, papers).  Discuss these details with our customer service representative during your initial phone call, in order to get a more realistic price estimate. Any price quote (typically a range) we provide during your first phone call cannot capture condition, beyond what you tell us.  So please consider such prices to represent only a ballpark price, under best conditions.

  • Getting an “Upon Arrival Quote”

    Locks the Max Price

    Beyond a “Ballpark Over the Phone Quote,” a more precise price quote and assessment occurs upon our initial arrival to begin cleaning.  Here is how it works: Our Team Leaders communicate with our customer service representatives once they have seen your home, and based on that, we provide you with an “Upon Arrival Quote,” which is based on the time we estimate it will take to complete the assignment.  If you agree, then we proceed, and as long as the scope is not altered by you, then we honor such quote, and clean until the assignment is complete. If we have overestimated the time it might take, and end up spending less time that we thought, then you will be charged the lower amount.

  • Regular Cleaning

    Prices are FIXED

    Over 75% of the maid service assignments we complete are recurring “Regular Clean” assignments performed based on fixed prices.  It’s only non-recurring assignments which are based on hourly quotes, as more thoroughly discussed above. Regular Cleaning assignments are not based on fixed times.  We stay until the job is done. On average, we expect the actual times to approximate the price quote times.

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