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Living Wage

Unfortunately we are closed today, but we hope to open again as soon as our Stay at Home Order is lifted.

All of our cleaners are home, safe with their families, as we hope you are with yours.

An amazing thing happened the last week we were open… as clients were cancelling, many asked us to charge them their cleans anyway.  Some asked that specific amounts be charged to their credit cards and forwarded to their cleaners. One gentleman offered a large tip to be split among all the cleaners.  Everyone was concerned about the house cleaners they have come to know and love. For the 27 March pay day, such “tips” amount to over $8,000.  They were allocated as specifically directed, or otherwise shared among our 80 active cleaners. For them, the contributions made a remarkable difference in what was otherwise a sad pay period. Thank you, from each and every one of us.

Although we are still early in this crisis, and are living with such uncertainty, we are doing our best everyday to ensure that none of the employees will miss a paycheck by whatever means we have.  We resolve to continue to treat our employees as we would family. Thank you all for your continuing business.  It means the world to us as a small business, and to all of our employees.

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