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COVID-19 update

We’re Back at Work as of May 11 2020

We are so happy to be back at work and cleaning houses. We are looking forward to seeing all of our customers again! 

Covid-19 Policies, Procedures and Training

We have implemented a number of new cleaning policies and procedures to keep our cleaners safe, and our cleaning as effective as possible. If you’re interested, please see our page on Covid-19 Precautions and Policies.  We have developed new training videos, and all our cleaners will have gone through online training before we open again.   

Keeping our Cleaners Safe and Healthy

A number of you have called us and asked why we were not cleaning, when some of our competitors are.  House Cleaning was one of the industries on the “No” list for the Stay at Home orders.  We would not want to break the Stay at Home Order, which is aimed at keeping us all safe and healthy.  All our cleaners, without a single exception, are well spent time at home with their families.  Their safety, and the safety of all of us, will remain our primary priority now that we have resumed services.  So please help us by:

Please Cancel Your Cleaning if You Are Sick

If you think someone in your home is or has been ill with Covid-19, please cancel all cleanings until 14 days after the last person shows any symptoms.  

Consider Leaving Your Home During the Clean

If you can’t leave your house while we are cleaning,  please do your best to stay out of the rooms we are cleaning. We understand this will be an inconvenience, so please tell us what order we should clean the different areas of your home, if that would help.  

Many of you have told us you are so happy to see your cleaners again, but please keep greetings and communications with them to a minimum, and maintain social distancing to keep us all safe.  

We Think Our Clients Are Wonderful

An amazing thing happened during the shutdown this spring… as clients were cancelling, many asked us to charge them their cleans anyway.  Some asked that specific amounts be charged to their credit cards and forwarded to their cleaners. One gentleman offered a very large tip to be split among all the cleaners.  Everyone was concerned about the house cleaners they have come to know and love. For the 27 March pay day, such “tips” amounted to over $8,000.  They were allocated as specifically directed, or otherwise shared among our 80 active cleaners. For them, the contributions made a remarkable difference in what was otherwise a sad pay period. Thank you, from each and every one of us.

Thank you all for your continuing business.  It means the world to us as a small business, and to all of our employees.

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