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COVID-19 update

Denver Metro Maids employs the most talented house cleaners in Denver.  We set industry standards for employee training, compensation, benefits, and also safety.  Today, as never before throughout the past 20 years, talented cleaners are difficult to find.  We will retain them.  The cleaners you see in your homes each visit have just received their second raises in a year.  They are frontline workers, so, in addition to caring for their compensation and benefits, we must do whatever we can to protect their health and safety.  As part of our new policy, each employee is required to comply with the current CDC recommendations regarding Covid vaccinations and any future recommendations regarding booster shots.
We have been working towards this policy rollout for months, beginning in April, when we began offering paid time off for employees to get vaccinated, as soon as each became eligible.  Since then, we have paid each employee a reward for proving compliance.  Our efforts have proven effective;  this week we achieved 100% compliance.  Going forward, every new employee will receive a reward, and be similarly required to comply.  While we realize we cannot influence decisions our clients make about their own households, we assure those of you who are paying attention that we are doing whatever we can to protect our workforce, and indirectly protect your household too.  From me, and on behalf of our employees, thank you so much for your support throughout the past year.
If you have decided to forgo vaccinations, we kindly request you to continue, during the coming months, to keep your distance from our cleaners for the duration of each house cleaning visit.  Please communicate whatever cleaning requirements you may have via phone, to our customer service representatives.  Thank you.
We Think Our Clients Are Wonderful
An amazing thing happened during the shutdown the spring of 2020… as clients were cancelling, many asked us to charge them their cleans anyway.  Some asked that specific amounts be charged to their credit cards and forwarded to their cleaners. One gentleman offered a very large tip to be split among all the cleaners.  Everyone was concerned about the house cleaners they have come to know and love. For the 27 March 2020 pay day, such “tips” amounted to over $8,000.  They were allocated as specifically directed, or otherwise shared among our 80 active cleaners. For them, the contributions made a remarkable difference in what was otherwise a sad pay period. We talk of it often.  Thank you, from each and every one of us.
Thank you all for your continuing business.  It means the world to us as a small Denver business, and to all of our employees.

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