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Flu Season

We have significantly improved our sick-leave and family-leave policies to make sure our employees are not coming to work when they or anyone in their home is feeling sick. Face masks are mandatory for all employees at all times.  Everyone’s temperature is checked upon arrival. 

Before the cleaners leave for their day, all equipment, cars and phones are cleaned and disinfected.  

Before we enter your home, we disinfect all commonly touched surfaces around your entryway, such as gates, railings, latches, doorknobs, mailboxes and doorbells.  The cleaners use hand sanitizer before they announce their arrival and ring your doorbell.

Wearing face masks for the entire clean, the cleaners wash their hands when they first arrive as well as after each task.

Once all cleaning is completed, the cleaners wash their hands again, and lastly disinfect all commonly touched surfaces again before leaving.  The cleaners will disinfect all their cleaning equipment before it is loaded into the company vehicle.

The product we use for disinfecting is a hospital grade disinfectant called 64 Millennium Q. Here are some details about the product, as provided by Multi-Clean:

“64 Millennium Q is a concentrated, hospital grade disinfectant that cleans surfaces and kills germs. Use in bathrooms to clean chrome fixtures, counter tops, partitions, toilets, urinals and floors. Safe on all restroom surfaces. To help prevent the spread of colds, flu and other illnesses, use Millennium Q as a general disinfectant on frequently touched surfaces like door handles, tabletops, counters, switch plates, elevator buttons, etc. Kills certain antibiotic resistant pathogens (Superbugs) like MRSA and VRE. Kills Norovirus, Influenza and other contagious viruses.”

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